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About me

Bild på Malin Aquilon 2023

Although the experience of suffering is subjective, all people go through more or less tough events in life that leave their mark. When my own family suffered trauma, it eventually led me to effective solutions.  The problems are mostly in the subconscious and are best solved there. "Just talking" is not what I do: I use methods that go deep and really work. I invite you to read my 5 star reviews on Google about the results of my work.

I have a PhD in behavioral sciences and am a qualified Life Coach/EMDR and Hypnotherapist.  I worked as an HR Director in international companies in Luxembourg before starting my own business. I lived 30 years outside of Sweden and speak Swedish, English, French and German.


I have a humble attitude towards myself, others and life. Together we work to dissolve the obstacles that stand in the way of healing. I act as an assisting "midwife" during the process. The goal for most people, apart from solving problems, is to achieve a sense of basic inner peace and stability, which makes life more joyful and meaningful.


The metaphor for light, as in Ljuswerket; we are all meant to "shine", but sometimes various events can affect us so that our inner "light" dims.  I see my job as guiding you back so you can get the life you desire.

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