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Mental Wellbeing through Lifecoaching

Get the Life you Desire
Quick and Lasting Life Change

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Do you think it's difficult and takes a long time to obtain personal change? You are then unfortunately in good company. Most people don't know it is fairly simple and can be quite quick. With the right technique. It's about understanding that your biggest obstacles are in your own brain - your beliefs. Your thoughts steer - they steer your feelings and the feelings your behaviour. Thoughts are best changed in the subconscious where 95% of what we do, think and feel exist - and therefore not in the remaining 5% of conscious thoughts and feelings. 


 I help you to:

  • Overcome things (e.g. a loss)

  • Get through things (e.g. a trial, test)

  • Getting to things (e.g. start something new - training, eating better, starting new routines).

Go to the next page to read more about what kind of help you can get. Here you can read about me and my background. 


You are in safe hands with me - read my reviews here.

And here my 5-star reviews on Google.

Book a 30 minute consultation - let me know what you could like to get assistance with and get to know me and my pleasant office close to Odenplan in Stockholm.

Price: 900 kr. You do this easiest by sending me a text message on 079-33 93 120Or please write to me here. 

Pricing - You may pay per session (60 min.) 1800 kr, or we agree on a total price and I work with you until the problem is solved. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Coaching      Neuro Linguistic Programming /Hypnosis     EMDR (Wingwave)    

Core Transformation     Havening          Tapping 

in Stockholm or over video meeting

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