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Healing scoliosis by correcting the Atlas vertebra

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

One of my children was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was four. We were living in Luxembourg at that time (we now live in Stockholm, Sweden). For many years, I took her to bi-weekly physical therapy, to strengthen her muscles so that the curve on her spine would not deteriorate. Later on, she started swimming which was a good choice for her back.

The doctor (a surgeon) who was seeing her every 6 months, was constantly warning us about puberty. With a serious voice, and a depressed look, he said: "It might be OK now, but wait until she starts her growth spurt, I will need to operate on that spine". Now, when someone says something like that, from a "doom's day perspective", it's brilliant. Nothing triggers my "opposition nerve" more efficiently. I was quietly thinking "No way you are going to do that". A surgeon's job is to operate on people, so they will see the world from that perspective. However, avoiding an operation seemed vital to me since it is a trial for the body, mind and a great risk in so many ways. And very costly for society too. I have done several so I know.

The "universe" responded gracefully to my opposition. A while later, I heard of someone who had recovered from life-long depression by correcting the position of the Atlas vertebra. Although depression was not the symptom in my daughter's case, something triggered my interest. I found a website about this method. It seemed logical to me that if you can correct the position of the uppermost vertebra that the skull rests on, the spine will follow and homeostasis (balance) can occur. Besides, I had been told by a Bowen therapist that if an osteopath or a Bowen therapist could gently correct a baby's spine directly after birth, many potential health problems could be eliminated. Imagine that: correcting the root cause directly after delivery. Going through the birth canal can displace the Atlas and many health issues ensue due to the displacement. I found an Atlantomed practitioner in Germany and off we went. Me, and two of my daughters. I had the three of us checked just to be sure, but it was only my daughter with the scoliosis whose Atlas was displaced. She was at that time maybe 7 or 8 years old. The treatment was a bit painful for her. It took about 10-15 minutes to do the correction using an AtlantoVib tool. She cried. I was thinking, if this works, it will be so worth those tears.

Some months later, we were up for the control at the doctor's. For some reason, there was a new doctor in charge. The universe had apparently also moved out the negative "doom's day guy". They made an ex-ray of her spine as usual. The result was clear: the spine was straight. No more scoliosis: such joy, relief and gratefulness! I seize the opportunity now to also thank the "doom's day doctor". Sometimes we need to be triggered to respond and find a better solution. The intelligence of the universe is amazing. What can seem like the worst scenario can be the exact right thing to steer us in the right direction. If this can help someone else, just one child, one person, nothing would make me happier. You can find more information about the method here: If you live outside Sweden, you might find a local practitioner in your country.

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